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16.-22.07.2018 | FARNBOROUGH INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW, Великобритания | Панаир, изложба

Farnborough International Airshow

FIA 2018 More than just an Airshow Throughout the show week, we put on a host of events with the industry at the forefront. From Networking to on-floor seminars - keep checking back to stay up to date with the event schedule

24.-26.07.2018 | MACKAY, Австралия | Панаир, изложба

Queensland Mining & Engineerng Exhibition

Brimming with big ideas, sophisticated strategies and new frontiers of the mining industry

25.-27.07.2018 | JAKARTA, Индонезия | Панаир, изложба


Asia´s Most Comprehensive Show for palm Oil Industry

06.-12.08.2018 | HOCKENHEIMRING, Германия | Панаир, симпозиум за начинаещи

Formula Student Germany

The Formula Student Germany is an international design competition, for which technically oriented students accept the challenge to develop a single-seat formula race car, design it, and ultimately build it. The international student teams then compete with the vehicles they constructed in competitions all over the world. As a main sponsor of the event, we will be glad to inform you there also about careers and job opportunities at Schaeffler.

29.-31.08.2018 | EXPO GUADALAJARA, MEXICO, Мексико | Панаир, изложба


Expo Internacional RUJAC is the most important auto parts exhibition in Bajío region of Mexico.

03.-05.09.2018 | SAO PAULO, Бразилия | Панаир, изложба

Congresso SAE Brasil 2018

Participate in the 27th SAE BRASIL International Mobility Technology Congress and Exhibition from 3-5 September 2018, at São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo, and connect the major trends in Mobility Engineering.

06.09.2018 | DETROIT, САЩ | Конгрес, специализиран панаир

Schaeffler Symposium 2018

By developing innovative components and systems for powertrain and chassis – as well as entirely new mobility solutions – in partnership, we will shape Mobility for Tomorrow. To help expand the mobility conversation, the 11th Schaeffler Symposium will be held in Detroit, Michigan, on September 6, 2018.

10.-14.09.2018 | JOHANNESBURG, Южна Африка | Панаир, изложба

electra mining


11.-15.09.2018 | FRANKFURT - MESSE, Германия | Панаир, изложба

automechanika Frankfurt

Automechanika Frankfurt is the leading international trade fair for the automotive industry for equipment, parts, accessories, management & services. In 2018, the biennial fair celebrates its 25th anniversary with many new themes and the REIFEN as a co-located show.

18.-21.09.2018 | BERLIN, Германия | Панаир, изложба


InnoTrans is the leading international trade fair for transport technology and takes places every two years in Berlin.

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