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DuraSense from Schaeffler, lubrication condition monitoring and requirement-based lubrication

Lubrication condition monitoring and requirement-based lubrication

Your benefit:

  • Machine availability is increased by reducing the number of unplanned downtimes
  • Planning is made easier, which reduces maintenance costs
  • Production supply costs are reduced

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Comprehensive reasons to use DuraSense

Increased operational security

DuraSense monitors lubrication conditions in linear guidance systems and triggers the signal for a relubricating impulse from a relubrication unit when, for example, insufficient lubrication occurs

Lubrication monitoring

DuraSense ensures that the lubricating impulse also reaches the carriage. If this is not the case (e.g. due to a loose or blocked lubricant supply line), DuraSense triggers the corresponding signal.

Reduced lubricant consumption

Up to 30% less lubricant consumption


  • One sensor element per carriage
  • Sensor element on the end face of the carriage; PPU (pre-processing unit) in a stable aluminum housing
  • PPU with connections for up to seven sensors, as well as Ethernet, field bus, and SPS connections
  • Connection to the Schaeffler Smart EcoSystem will be possible in the future
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