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In close development partnerships with our customers from over 60 industrial sectors, we are constantly developing new solutions which are subsequently offered as catalog products. These are often ready-to-fit components or complete assemblies.

The surrounding construction is taken into consideration from the very beginning of the development process so that expensive changes to the adjacent construction are no longer necessary and the overall solution is cost-effective for the customer.

A wide range of the Schaeffler Group’s technical expertise is incorporated in the development of special solutions, e.g.:

Material and surfaces: If plain bearings are used in corrosive media, we use special materials and our own coatings developed in-house such as Corrotect.

Seal concepts: We supply our plain bearings with additional RS/TS seals for heavily contaminated environments.

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Schaeffler използва бисквитки, за да Ви гарантира оптимално използване. Чрез по-нататъшното използване на тази страница вие приемате използването на бисквитки. Допълнителна информация